West African Mining Seminar:

“…. CSR and Sustainable Practices…who is responsible?”
Call for Papers

West African Mining Seminar (WAMS and WAMIA 2009): “CSR and Sustainable Practices..who is responsible?”.

This Seminar is the Fifth international conference on the solid mineral resources of West Africa to be organized by Best Kamco Mineral Resources on the Mining industry of West Africa.

At this critical time, Best Kamco took an initiative by inviting a group of outstanding West African geoscientists, mining engineers and Investors working or have worked at west African mining fields and industries, to confer in Toronto and share with us their remarkable experiences,technical studies, and answer some (if not all) our hitherto unanswered questions about variousaspects of the West African mining industry. It is also an opportunity for corporate resources companies and governments to exhibit their wares during the international conference.

This West African Mining Conference provides a neutral platform in the investment atmosphere of downtown Toronto and Managerial staff of mining industries and West African countries to: ‘Present new mining opportunities and updates to international mining and resources companies, and new-ventures staff.” Disseminate technical information and review new and established exploration and development methods, ideas, ventures and technologies applied or deemed applicable to the mining industry of West Africa ‘Propagate cooperation with international Resources companies, new-venture departments, Mining resources management consultants, financial establishments, technical service companies, safety companies, R&D departments and other scientific and research establishments.

Who Should Attend?

  • Staff of national and international mining companies.
  • Other organizations operating, investing or planning to invest in the Mining industry of West Africa) are the target Participants in this conference, including: Exploration and Production Staff
  • New Ventures Staff, Energy Economists, Energy Planners, Political Analysts, Legal Staff, Financial Advisers, Environmental Staff of West African Mining and Oil Companies. Also, Representatives of Service Companies, Governments, Energy Investors, Safety and Environmental Agencies.

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