Best Kamco Resources Marketing Ltd, registered and licensed in Nigeria, West Africa, is a junior mining company with a focus of active involvement in Mining resources in the West coast of Africa.

Best Kamco specializes in funding consultation as well as project development in exploration and mining. Resources Marketing is the hallmark of the company.

Best Kamco is also a subsidiary of Best Venture, an enterprise established in 1999. Best Kamco continues to be the main subsidiary of Best Venture Enterprise in Nigeria.

Best Kamco has sister companies these days like TJO Kunlam actively doing commodity trading in Lagos and Portharcourt to China and Europe.

Kutsanmis Sampiyon Drillers is also an enterprise of Best Kamco and is saddled with drilling eg core drilling and borehole drilling. As well as drilling for resources estimate.

Best Kamco also trains geoscientists and engineers on modern-day mining and exploration techniques.

Corporate Social Responsibility is duly important to Best Kamco and communities and villages have benefited a lot as well as indigent students.

Best Kamco will also venture into other profitable commercial activities in the near future.